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Welcome to is an online Recruitment Platform dedicated to creating more value for Employers and Jobseekers, by providing them with innovative tools and an engaging experience. JobsTT draws from its partner network and technology expertise to offer more than just a CV database: career guidance, advice from local HR experts, powerful job posting and CV filtering tools and Social Media integration make JobsTT the premier destination for Trinidad and Tobago’s Employers and Jobseekers looking for better Return on Investment and Career opportunities.

Best ROI compared to other services
• Better results aided by state-of-the-art technology
• More quality applicants, due to more engaged Jobseekers
• Most competitive pricing
• Headhunting services available

By advertising your positions on you get the best results, regardless of your budget. Because our users are more engaged, visiting our site multiple times every week due to its compelling content and our activity on social media. As a result, your company profile and job postings get seen by many more viewers than traditional media or job websites. But although the volume of users matters, the quality of CVs you receive is even more important. Our state-of-the-art platform allows you to easily search and filter resumes submitted to you; as a result, not only do you their relevance is significantly higher than any other method you may have used in the past. is committed to offering you the best value at a price that is the most competitive on the market.

If your candidate search is not bearing the results expected, our team of professionals will help you adjust your profile and job description. A consultation with our partner, a T&T based search consulting firm will also be offered as an option.

Faster Time to Hire
• “New Job” alerts to Jobseekers
• 24/7 submissions from Jobseekers
• Vastly longer exposure compared to press
• Quick and Free changes to job postings

As soon as you post a job opening, thousands of jobseekers automatically receive a message alerting them of this new career opportunity.  And because is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you receive jobseekers’ applications in real time. Your job posting is always visible to all users, yet you can make changes to it anytime for free if you want to increase its impact.

Branding opportunities
• Top page exposure
• Free posting in Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
• Search results exposure

By posting your career openings on your company automatically benefits from a very wide exposure. In addition to hosting your detailed company profile, JobsTT will promote your openings across our media network, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google, and directly to jobseekers via email. The jobs you post will also appear on’s top page and search results.

Compared to short term ads in traditional media, job postings on get at least 3 times more exposure to your target audience. This means your company’s name and profile gets seen by thousands of users every day.

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