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Volunteer Center of Trinidad & Tobago

We are a youth run NGO committed to engendering in the culture of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean Region a deepened spirit and attitude of active citizenship, social responsibility and volunteerism whereby each volunteer will know that he has contributed to community development at the end of their project.

  • To be the centralized hub for all voluntary activities in Trinidad &Tobago.
  • To be recognized as an esteemed facilitator of holistic volunteer programs in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean region.
  • To develop specialized volunteer projects and programs for every constituency in Trinidad and Tobago based on data gained from a national Community Based Needs Assessment for Volunteer Development.
  • To establish Community Service as an integral part of the education system in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • To expand Volunteer Centers throughout the Caribbean so as a region we are moving towards active citizenship.
  • To brand the Caribbean “The Volunteer Hub” in the western hemisphere.


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